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Links of Interest 1/15/07

January 15, 2007 by Jeff Wright

I’ve not had a case of writer’s block this bad since…I started blogging. Thankfully, Chase’s post below broke up a long dry spell. Have you read it yet? You should.

It seems like there is more of an interest in the Church amongst conservatives of this generation. We should thank God for this. So how do we know what is and isn’t a church? Do you answer that by saying “Preaching of the Word, Administering the Ordinances [Sacraments], and practicing Church Discipline?” If so, I suggest you read Chase on the the Ecclesiological Minimum.

After you get done with that one please allow me to suggest the following links to you. I liked ‘em so much I put them on our church’s Reading Material page.

Adrian Warnock @ Adrian’s Blog on Do You Really Want Revival?
Justin Taylor @ Between Two Worlds Interviews Tom Schreiner on Believer’s Baptism
Jason Robertson @ Fide-O on How To Be A Mature Church Member
Joel Beeke @ Old Truth on 5 Evangelism Lessons from the Puritans for Today’s Churches

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