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On Masculine Worship and Leadership

October 16, 2012 by Jeff Wright

From Doug Wilson‘s Future Men (which every adult with parental, church, or familial influence on young men should read) – underlined emphasis mine:

Masculine worship does not exclude women in the same way that feminine worship excludes men.  Women flourish when men lead in the church.  So the church is not a men’s club – men, women, children, and babies gather before the Lord together.  Masculine worship is not worship for men; it is worship in which men fulfill their responsibilities to others.  As a result of masculine leadership, women and children are free to contribute to worship rightly.  But they do so because men have taken responsibility.  In a scriptural worship service, both masculine and feminine elements will be present, but the masculine will be dominant, in a position of leadership.  When the feminine element leads or dominates, the result is that those men who are masculine are encouraged to stay away.

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