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Zwingli’s Theses of Reformation

October 15, 2012 by Jeff

As Reformation Day draws near you are probably hopefully hearing lots about Martin Luther and his famous 95 Theses.  Less well known but nonetheless vitally important are the principles Huldrych Zwingli presented as the basis of the Reformation he led among the Swiss.  This is a summary of the presentation Zwingli made (with the help of Bullinger) in the canton of Bern.

1. The church is created by the Word of God and Christ alone is her head.

2. The laws of the church are binding upon believers only as far as they conform to Scripture.

3. Christ is the sum total of man’s righteousness.

4. Scripture does not teach any corporeal presence of Christ in the bread and cup of the Lord’s Supper.

5. The practice of the mass is a gross affront to the sacrificial death of Christ.

6. There is no Biblical warrant for intercession for the dead, purgatory, or the use of images in worship.

7. Marriage is lawful for all.

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