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  1. Learning How to Endure and Serve After the Loss of a Loved One

    December 17, 2013 by Jeff

    It’s been a year since the church I serve lost a dear, dear brother in Christ. We’ve carried on but we’ve certainly not moved on. His oldest daughter has written down her reflections on the past year and what she’s learned. I commend it to your reading – first as an example of enduring faith in trial, second as counsel on how to serve those for whom the Lord has chosen a bitter providence. You can find it here.


  2. 2009 SBC – 9 Marks @ 9

    May 23, 2009 by Jeff has posted some appetite-whetting info on the 9 Marks @ 9 event being held at the 2009 Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville.

    As a general rule I attend both the state and national conventions strictly to conduct business. This year may be the exception. This year’s Pastor’s Conference features an intriguing lineup; intriguing enough to lead me to plan on breaking my 3 year hiatus from said SBC Pastor’s Conference. There is also this 9 Marks event which could possibly be the most exciting Convention-related event of any year I have attended.

    From baptist21:

    What is it: It is 2 nights of discussion about the SBC.

    Night one (June 22nd) will feature Mark Dever speaking on “Why the Nine Marks are Central to the Future of the SBC,” with a panel discussion to follow with Mark Dever, David Platt, and Greg Gilbert.

    Night two (June 23rd) will feature Danny Akin speaking on “The SBC: Where We are and Where We’re Going,” with a panel discussion to follow with Mark Dever, Michael McKinley, and Josh Smith.

    When is it: Monday June 22nd and Tuesday June 23rd at 9pm

    Where is it: This Year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, South B101-102

    Who is it: Mark Dever, Danny Akin, David Platt, Greg Gilbert, Michael McKinley, Josh Smith, and IX Marks Ministries.

    Why does b21 think you should be there: The content will no doubt be great and presented by excellent communicators. In addition, it should be a time to meet some guys that are striving to serve our Lord in ministry. Nevertheless, more than that, if a Great Commission Resurgence is really to take off in the SBC it will really encompass two things. These two things are Healthy Churches reproducing through Church planting and Healthy Christians reproducing through discipleship. This means that the health of our churches and members is of utmost importance to the GCR. IX marks Ministries is dedicated to this end, so we think you will want to hear what they have to say.

    Make sure you get up early for the Founder’s Ministries’ Breakfast (which will require a ticket purchase) then set up late with 9 Marks…all for the health of the Convention and the local churches it is comprised of. Seriously: hope to see you there.

  3. Links as an Excuse to Post

    March 31, 2007 by Jeff

    Yes, I’ve been very negligent in posting. In fact (and this probably won’t surprise you) I’ve been negligent in all my online duties (such as updating my church’s website). I’m trying to correct that today.

    I began by updating my church site‘s Reading Material page. I really want to be able to put helpful reading in front of our people and that page is my avenue for doing so as regularly as possible, the material being sourced from helpful blog posts. However, a stretch of over-busyness has kept me off my RSS reader and thus the site hasn’t been updated.

    I thought that I’d post the links I added there today as a way of letting anyone who is interested (if there is anyone) that I’ve not abandoned the blog. Here’s what I gave my people to read. Hopefully they will be of use to you as well.

    Ben Cole: Fifty Questions for Nearly-Weds
    Doug Wils: 21 Questions for a Prospective Suitor
    Doug Wils: 21 Questions for a Prospective Wife
    Melinda Penner: A Practical Guide to Prayer
    D.A. Carson: Defining Worship
    Jason Robertson: Four Views on the book of Revelation
    Daniel Akin: 8 Theological Essentials for the Southern Baptist Convention
    Joe Thorn: Beginning Family Worship
    Tom Ascol: Interview Regarding Family Worship
    Bob Kauflin: Why Don’t We Ever Sing This Song?

    Also, I wanted to pass along a blog related to the Southern Baptist Convention that should generate useful discussion regarding the SBC as currently constituted and the direction it is and should be going into the future. You very well might have heard of it but just in case not I thought I should pass it along.

    The Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry Blog

    Finally, I promise I’m going to be posting something that isn’t merely regurgitated links in the near future, Lord willing. Dr. Ed Stetzer did indeed send me a copy of his Breaking the Missional Code and I’m hoping to post an extensive review and … critique … (not sure if that is the right word as it sounds too harsh to describe what I intend to post) as soon as I finish it. I’m about 3/5 of the way through now so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

  4. Links of Interest 1/15/07

    January 15, 2007 by Jeff

    I’ve not had a case of writer’s block this bad since…I started blogging. Thankfully, Chase’s post below broke up a long dry spell. Have you read it yet? You should.

    It seems like there is more of an interest in the Church amongst conservatives of this generation. We should thank God for this. So how do we know what is and isn’t a church? Do you answer that by saying “Preaching of the Word, Administering the Ordinances [Sacraments], and practicing Church Discipline?” If so, I suggest you read Chase on the the Ecclesiological Minimum.

    After you get done with that one please allow me to suggest the following links to you. I liked ‘em so much I put them on our church’s Reading Material page.

    Adrian Warnock @ Adrian’s Blog on Do You Really Want Revival?
    Justin Taylor @ Between Two Worlds Interviews Tom Schreiner on Believer’s Baptism
    Jason Robertson @ Fide-O on How To Be A Mature Church Member
    Joel Beeke @ Old Truth on 5 Evangelism Lessons from the Puritans for Today’s Churches

  5. Last Links Sent Home 1/4/07

    January 4, 2007 by Jeff

    I guess my company decided their employees didn’t need an RSS reader any longer. Too bad, it made the day much more fun. This last batch will be brief.

    T.D. Jakes’ View of the Trinity (or lack there of)

    Do Churches Die?

    Email with a passage in the subject line (e.g., ESV Gen 1) and receive the text of the passage by email a few minutes later.

  6. Links Sent Home Pre-New Year’s

    January 3, 2007 by Jeff

    The Most Innovative Churches in America?

    What to do when you and the Pastor don’t agree about corporate worship

    Helpful Reading
    John Macarthur: What Doctrines are Essential, Part 3

    Jonathan Edward’s Resolutions for Life

    Infuze Magazine’s Interview w/ Steve Turner on Christianity & Culture

  7. Links Sent Home 12/28/06

    December 28, 2006 by Jeff

    Work has resumed so I have more links to recommend. I forgot to send them home yesterday so here are two days worth of links I’ve compiled for your viewing pleasure.

    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer

    Reduce Firefox’s RAM usage

    What it will take for the Titans to make the playoffs

    Turn your (Regular) XBox into a Media Center

    Tune up your computer

    Wireless Home Theater?

    Download Your PC’s Drivers

    Going on my church’s Helpful Readings page:

    John Macarthur: What Doctrines are Fundamental, part 1

    John Macarthur: What Doctrines are Essential, Part 2

    Charts Mapping Dominant Historical Eschatological Charts

    Steve Weaver introduces Hercules Collins

  8. Links Sent Home 12/18/06

    December 18, 2006 by Jeff

    Sports Related & Other Subjects:
    Liddell & Ortiz’s Training Sounds
    Here are some insights to how Liddell and Ortiz are training for their upcoming fight. The info comes from so be forewarned.

    Reduce your heating bill
    GetRichSlowly offers some simple tips for cutting your heating costs this winter.

    Digitize Cassette (Sermon) Recordings
    This is an article about how to digitize recordings from cassette tapes. Maybe not useful to you but I’ve got literally hundreds of sermons on cassette that I need to port over.

    Related to things of the Spirit and Church:
    Insights on how to plan & evaluate corporate worship services

    2 New Baptist Blogs (New to me anyway)
    Baptist Blogger

    Praisegod Barebones

    The Semi-Pelagian Narrower Catechism

    Some bad carictures but funny nonetheless.

    Going on my church’s Helpful Readings page:

    Steve Weaver on the Genelogy of Christ

    Expository Thoughts: Tools for studying Proverbs Part 1 and Part 2

    Chaos & Old Night: Who is the “Israel of God” in Galatians 6:16?

  9. Links Sent Home 12/14/06

    December 14, 2006 by Jeff

    Now that my employers has graciously allowed us to use an RSS reader I’m finding links that I’d like to read when I get home. Most of them end up on my church’s Reading Material page but some don’t. Since I’m sending them home I thought I might as well share. Maybe you’ll find something good or useful here. Who knows?

    Mark Driscoll on Preaching and Teaching

    J. Gresham Machen’s Book On the Virgin Birth for free

    SBC Embracing the Emergent Church?

    Reviews of Local Mechanics

    Nathan Finn on what ails the SBC

    Timmy Brister comments on Nathan Finn

    Dan Phillips on the work of the Holy Spirit

  10. More Blogroll Updates

    December 12, 2006 by Jeff

    I’ve added two more blogs since my last update so a new post seems appropriate. Please allow me to introduce you to two more beneficial blogs.

    Matt Sliger’s Blog
    Matt is a friend of mine and serves as the Minister of Worship at my home church. If you know Matt then you like Matt. He’s been gifted by God with a great personality, strong work ethic, and incredible musical gift. Matt reads a lot of John Piper and thus he and I have plenty to talk about. Check his writings out – he’s new to the blogosphere and I anticipate his blog will be an edifying stop for your browser or RSS reader.

    The Refugee Baptist
    Will, the TBC‘s Mr. Incognito, mines the web for Baptist (particularly TN Baptist) news. His blog is a great resource for those looking to stay abreast of happenings within the national and state-of-TN Baptist associations. I’ve not always agreed with is perspective but I have always appreciated his efforts and the spirit in which he conversates in our discussions. Now if only I could get him to change his site feed to full text so I could read the blog at work.